A quick one for today!

Just a couple of quick things. I have done a quick little podcast, for my my old co-host buddies over at The Maelstrom Podcast. Good stuff. They used to be all WoW, but the format’s changing up a bit, to start mixing in some of the other MMO’s that will be coming out there. If you like gnome jokes and tasteless WoW-themed humor, go check em out. My current rant is on the pricing scheme of MMO’s and how it sucks royal ass. The show used to be about an hour, but we’re throwing in our new 9 Minute Maelstrom (9MM) episodes to flesh out the amount of content we can get out. It’s about 5 minutes if you want to listen; it’ll be on the website, and also on iTunes. Note: it’s NSFW/NSFK, as I do drop a bit of language. Fair warning. I should have a much more interesting topic up tomorrow. Until them, watch the flames… Oh wait, they’re coming from me. Never mind.


~ by trollonfire on October 23, 2007.

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