What a weekend!

Sorry for the delayed post, but this weekend was an up an downer, to be sure. I want to give a huge thanks to Darren from CommonSenseGamer and Shut Up We’re Talking fame (the best blog podcast out there, damnit!) for gracing my lowly site with his “Blog of the Week” accolade. To quote Garth and Wayne: “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy!”. God I’m sure I just dated myself with that reference. Ah well. To business… or blog-ness… whatever.

For starters, Saturday was a busy day spent winterizing the house, along with other errands and getting to spend some time with the wife. For those of you not familiar with this concept of “winter”, winterizing basically means taking large sheets of plastic over your windows in the vain hope that Mother Nature won’t take the frigid Arctic winds and jam them up your collective ass for 4 straight months, while you huddle under blankets saying “Please God, let it be April!”. *For anyone who lives in Minnesota, Canada or any of the Plains States, take this, but add in several regular blasts of Liquid Nitrogen into the air, just to twist the blade* Saturday night was spent hanging out with friends, and watching Boston beat those bitches from Colorado into submission. /camp

Sunday started off pretty well. First off, it was my birthday. I hit 30 with some dignity, and taking many many jokes about “Oh man, it’s all downhill from here”, etc etc. (Screw you, Darren! I laugh at your vain Canadian attempts at taunting!) Went to the local Best Buy to get my reserved copy of Guitar Hero III, which I haven’t gotten to spend much time on, but I can tell I will be addicted. However, watching this makes me wonder at the sanity of some. Amazing, but scary nonetheless. Got to enjoy a simply stunning day in Massachusetts… 50 degrees, with just enough nip in the air to redden your cheeks and truly relish Fall. Out in the middle of a state forest that was still in the height of color; the type of day that Mother Nature can really show you how amazing the view is away from the monitors.

In the middle of our hike, we found out that a good friend of my wife’s parents passed on, after losing her husband less than a month ago to cancer. It came as such a sudden thing it often reminds us of when we least expect it, life makes us pay for the things we take for granted. I think the only thing one can say is thank God she went quickly and as painlessly as possible, but it does make you feel like a horrible human being for even thinking it. We got to spend some time with her parents, and I think that helped them. They were friends with these people for over 30 years, and to lose them both in less than a month…. I can’t even begin to understand where they’re at in life right now.

Knowing that it was my birthday, they tried to cheer me up, and we offered to stay with them, but they wanted us to finish out our night doing what we usually do. We go to a bowling league on Sunday night, and so my wife and I packed up and headed to the lanes. My goal all year has been to get a 600+ series. For those who don’t know, bowling league matches consist of 3 games. My goal was to get 600 pins in 3 games. First game – 204. I felt good, and had some lucky shots to keep me going. We win that match by about 20 pins. Pretty close. Second match – 202. I’m feeling pretty psyched at this point; I’ve never had 2 200+ games in one night. Third game – 168. I missed a couple of easy spares, and that did it for me. Total for the night – 574. 26 pins from my goal. Ah well, moving closer, slowly + steadily. We won all 5 points on the night, and are probably in 4’th or 5’th in the league, out of 24 teams. So as I said, a weekend of highs and lows. Expect the normal types of MMO rantiness to continue in the future.


~ by trollonfire on October 30, 2007.

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