My MMO Idea: Part 1 of… many?

I’ve seen a lot of people out there who have spelled out their dream MMO in the hopes that someone comes by and throws buckets of money at them so they can get it developed. And after hearing Brent’s take on Bethesda getting 300 million in VC funding, I figured “why don’t I join the fray?” Shit, I’d need less than 5 million to make my game, and odds are it’d be pretty damn fun! So, I’ll break this into many parts, simply because this will be a behemoth in and of itself. I’ll probably throw it on another page in the future to keep it as it’s own project.

So, my premise: A tactical, FPS MMO, with a combined arms theory and open character development. I’m sure I just lost everyone there, but have faith and read on, I think you’ll see where I’m going. This first post will be the basic backstory for the game.

In the year 2750, Earth is a mess. Heedless of the warning signs, humans continued to grow and expand far past what the Earth could normally provide for. The over-industrialization and waste heat output have caused the global temperature to rise, completely melting the polar ice caps and covering almost 80% of the world’s surface in water. Through innovation and luck, only 2 continents managed to escape unscathed: North America, and Asia/Europe. But these continents are not united as they once were.

North America has been divided again, with 2 factions vying for control. The Native American population has concentrated itself and united under the FHN, or “Flags of the Hundred Nations”, controlling almost all of the mineral deposits from the Pacific Northwest to Colorado and south to what was the Mexican Border. The rest of what used to be America is controlled by the American Federation, or AmFed, a loosely organized group that is trying to hold itself together as much as try and take back some of the rich lands that are controlled by the FHN. Money is not the ultimate goal now; it is raw resources to continue to fuel the war efforts that are more precious than gold itself. Groups of armored infantry, tanks, mechs, and aircraft wage a continuous battle to hold ground to allow the harvesters to mine, harvest, and strip the land of everything they can that is needed.

Things are no better on the Eurasian continent. What was once Europe is now a true European Union, with a homogeneous culture and no true borders, save one: The former country of Russia, and eastward to what was once China. The entire Pan-Asian area, flooded and deserted, have been absorbed by the Chinese and turned into an economic and military juggernaut that is taking the entire EU to hold in check. The Asian Socialist Confederation, or ASC has much land, but very few resources to keep their war machines going. Great armies are camped along either side of the Volga river, in the most tense staring contest since North and South Korea almost 800 years earlier.

Travel between the two continents has been nonexistent, as each faction has too many problems at home to deal with. Trade is sparse, and always difficult. But as the military technology progresses, that will soon change. The war effort is in need of new blood to keep the fight going. Congratulations, you’ve been drafted. But how will you serve? Soldier? Harvester? Industrialist? or will you simply try and steal what you can from those who cannot defend themselves? Only you can decide, but your actions will no doubt have consequences. You may run, but there is very little room left to hide in.


~ by trollonfire on October 31, 2007.

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  1. Heh. I should collect up all the various “ideal MMO” articles that people have written, I think.

    Here’s mine:

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