We’re Knights of the Round Table, we Rant whenever able… part deux!

So, we did another little roundtable on The Maelstrom Podcast, this time with an even more varied and illustrious hosts:

Darren, from TheCommonSenseGamer and Shut Up We’re Talking, Brent, from VirginWorlds fame; Brendan from AnotherHere and FalconTwin; Michael Zenke from MMognation and Massively; and Joel, host of the Maelstrom Podcast and finally myself, acting as semi-moderator.

Over the course of almost 2 hours, we rambled, ambled, ranted, raged, and made incoherent sounds of rage on several topics: (Thanks to Michael for putting everything into nice bullet points for me!)

  • the lasting impact of Vanguard
  • the ripples across the industry of blogs and communities growing in cachet
  • the lack of subscription options in AAA games
  • the balance of PvP vs. PvE
  • the lack of non-PC MMOGs
  • and the really crappy track record games have for hitting launch dates

It was a lot of fun, and expect to hear more of these in the future. Everyone had a blast, and we’ll try and mix up the hosts somewhat to get some different views.


~ by trollonfire on November 5, 2007.

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