Happy Holidays to all, and for all you MMO game companies, you get coal this Xmas!

I apologize for my lack of work recently; work’s been hell, and Comcast hasn’t been particularly kind to me and my internet connection. Nothing more frustrating that sitting there, typing up an article, only to be unable to publish it when it’s done. But things are slowing down a bit, so I wanted to take a moment to get some more of my random thoughts out there.

In Podcast-y news, I recently summoned up the dregs of my sanity to host another Roundtable over at The Maelstrom Podcast, and a new home in the future. But more on that later. This roundable was… ambitious. With a total of myself and 8 other contributors it was a very full house. But I enjoy the larger shows over the smaller shows for a couple of reasons. While they are less “intimate”, I think you get a much broader base of discussion for the topics, as you’ll hear during our show. Also, they’re just more fun to be a part of! The hosts, and where you can find more of their work are:

Myself, as moderator -sometimes contributor

Joel and Remy from The Maelstrom Podcast

Darren from Shut Up We’re Talking

Jaye from Journeys With Jaye and Troy from Voyages of Vanguard and the Emerald Tablet

Jonathan from The Online Gamer’s Anthology

Brenden from AnotherHere.com

And last but not least, Michael aka Syncaine from Hardcore Casual

Some topics discussed included: “Why can’t my mage look hot?”, “MMO’s & 2007 – WTF?” and “Does EVE Online get equal harsh treatment when they screw up?”

Plenty more of goodness in there, so give it a listen. As a warning, there’s some language in there that may offend, but we’re not sailors. This brings me up to another topic: Why doesn’t the roundtable have it’s own show? An excellent question, and here’s the answer: It does…. now!

I’m pleased to announce the introduction of “Witty Ranter”, a new MMO-Roundtable that will be hosted by the ever-growing Brent and his VirginWorlds Collective (will that damn thing ever STOP growing?). Expect to see the first episode in the new year. Just think of it as Shut Up We’re Talking… with no reservations, and a HUGE set of balls. I’ll be involving more of the community, bloggers AND podcasters, and my goal is to get as much of the community involved in this as possible. Obviously you will hear some voices more often than others, but at the minimum, my goal is to have a new contributor every episode. As we get closer to launch, you will hear more about this in the future. Obviously I’m very excited, as this is my first “solo” podcast… in the past I’ve always had Remy and Joel there to help me with the show, sometimes saving me from myself and my poor attempts at humor. So if you’re a blogger or podcaster who’d like to join the discusson, please feel free to email me at trollonfire@gmail.com and let me know, we’ll get you in the discussion.

But as far as the holiday season, 2007 and MMO’s sucked, both for selection and for content. Nothing really new came out, other than some expansions (RoK for EQ2, miscellaneous content patches for WoW and HGL), all the “big” MMO’s such as Pirates of the Burning Sea and Warhammer Online are all delayed until 1Q ’08 or later. You’d think that someone would have had the good sense to release during the holidays, when EVERYONE could ask for the game for the holiday season, but what do I know? I’m just a gamer. *sigh*

Anyways, As we all look forward to next year and all the electronic goodness it promises… remember to be kind to your PUGer… unless they really piss you off… then screw them out of loots and dump them in the middle of the instance… where if they’re lucky they’ll find a way to escape the mobs ripping them apart. Happy Holidays!


~ by trollonfire on December 23, 2007.

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