My 2008 Resolutions for online gaming

Well, seeing as everyone else has made a list of things they want to see or do, figure I might as well make one for myself, to ring in the new year.

1) I will hit max level in a MMO this year.    Seeing as the last time I hit max level in a MMO was WoW, it’s about time I hunkered down and worked all the way through an MMO.  I’m thinking at this point it’s going to be Tabula Rasa… damn Darren and Jonathan, damn you both to hell, but it’s a fun game.  I have a lvl 52 Fury in EQ2, but the thought of going back to Kunark/Norrath fills me with dread, so it’s unlikely he’ll ever advance again.  Hellgate London isn’t a true MMO, so a max level char there doesn’t count, I don’t think.  And let’s face it, good game or not, WoW made levelling way too easy.  I’m not one for grinding for the sake of grinding, but when you can just breathe and hit max level, I don’t think that’s the right way to reward someone for “maxing out”.

2) I will *not* get sucked into any end-game/raid content.  I think this one should be pretty easy to do.  TR’s not really built for raid content, so unless the vehicles that will be added allow me to walk around in Mechs and do some serious ass-stomping, I think I’m safe there.  PVP has not and will never interest me, so there’s another time sink safely avoided.  And crafting can die in the fires of its own tortured “ingenuity”…. where it deserves to rest and never be heard from again.

3) I will put out at least 2 podcasts a month.  With the introduction of Witty Ranter, this will keep me busy… however I love podcasting, and I love getting as many voices into the conversation as possible – See past 2 episodes where it’s been crazy big groups, and good discussions all around.  I’ll prolly even try and throw in extras here and there, but 2 a month is my goal.

4) I will not lie down with every MMO that comes out there like a cheap whore walking the streets on payday.  This one will be tough, because I do tend to get sucked into a lot of MMO’s where I buy the game, play for 2-3 months, and then never play it again… so I’m out about $100 each time I do this… this is obviously not healthy, and it’s a waste of good money.  This will be one of the harder ones to achieve for 2008.

And finally….

5)  I will mock Brent endlessly for letting me join his Podcast Collective –  Wait, scratch that one off the list, it’s already done…


~ by trollonfire on January 2, 2008.

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