The best thing about online gaming is Skype & Teamspeak…. *cry*

It’s pretty sad, a lot of the time, that being social with your friends while gaming is more fun than the actual gaming experience.  With our weekly WoW gaming session, it’s honestly more fun being on Skype, all 5 of us, ripping each other and having a blast in general versus focusing on the content that almost all of us have done several times before, and the game itself is just a medium for us all being in the same place and the same time.  Same thing when Jonathan from The Online Gamer’s Anthology and I play Hellgate:London… it’s more fun to make fun of our experiences than it is to just play the game.  To me, that’s pretty sad… I sure as hell hope that 2008 offers me more than just a reason to be social with my friends playing a forgettable game.  Otherwise, I’m going to start looking to the Wii for my next “fun online experience”…. *shudder*.


~ by trollonfire on January 4, 2008.

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