(Insert Game Dungeon) Party of 7, your instance is ready…

Without a doubt, one of my biggest pet peeves in any MMO is the fact that every group size is locked at a certain amount. It may not matter that your gaming group of friends has 8 people, or 9… the fact that it’s more than the max party size means someone’s always left out. Now, they could go try and find a PUG, but where’s the fun in that? You’re all supposed to be playing together; that’s the reason you play these games. If you stick more than one group together, now you’re a raid, and almost all the content is now not able to be done by you. Bleck. I’m honestly surprised that game developers can’t simply make upscaling mobs and such, dependant on the number of people it’s fighting. If you go into an instance with say, 8 in your party as opposed to 5, then the mobs have 15% more HP, do 5% more damage, and maybe drop a couple of items that a 5 man group wouldn’t see.

I know what everyone’s going to say: “But Adam, the instance/zone is only designed for 5 people!!!!” Bull. Upscaling is as simple as including a few lines of code that says “Hey, if the party increases, scale up”. If they can do it in console RPG’s, they can damn well do it in an online game. And frankly, as much as what the game developer was hoping to achieve with said content, it honestly doesn’t matter. *I AM* the paying customer. I’m the one who’s feeding their lifestyle/livelihood with my monthly sub. I’m going to be selfish and think think that being more open and friendly to my group is more important than what you “intended” a certain thing to play out as. Deal with it. Gaming is not art, it’s business. yes, there are art assets involved, but ultimately a MMO is a business model, centered on an online experience. And I can’t believe I’m the only one in the world who has more than 4 friends I’d like to play a game with at a time…


~ by trollonfire on January 17, 2008.

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