Why are people always hating on the old school?

Cuppy recently posted this bit of post-modern trash about how an old movie sucks. Now granted, it was written with the express intent of becoming flame/troll bait… and as I am the Troll On Fire, how could I resist? There are far worse movies out there on this Earth to be bashing…. anything by Will Ferrell, more recently anything with Ben Stiller in it…. Uwe Boll films… need I say more? To denigrate such a movie as Alien because it’s “old” is frankly not fair. That’s like saying The Goonies sucks now because it’s old. First, that’s not possible because that movie rocks in so many ways, and secondly, comparing movies of old to current day is just not fair. That’s like saying “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Citizen Kane” sucked because they weren’t in color, and there weren’t any cool special effects or shit blowing up. Give the past some credit; if it wasn’t for Alien there’s a whole shitton of movies that probably never would have been made because people wouldn’t have been influenced by it, or by Ridley Scott’s direction. Don’t go hating on the old school because it’s not as shiny as what’s out now.

The same can be said for MMO’s. Almost every time I bring up one of the older games like UO, EQ, or DAOC, all i hear is “dude, those games suck, they look like shit!” So because a game doesn’t have the hyper-realism attempt of Vanguard or the cartoony polish of WoW, it must suck? Because, forgive my ignorance of game development, but if it wasn’t for these “shitty” games in the first place, and their creation of a playerbase willing to pay a monthly subscription to keep the game afloat…. YOUR SHINY NEW “BETTER” GAME WOULDN’T FUCKING EXIST!!! God, nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers who see “old” as bad, because it’s not top of the line. Guess what? Old doesn’t necessarily mean bad. As a matter of fact, Old usually is the means for your “new”. Like, oh.. I don’t know… “Lord of the Rings Online”. Hey, that’s a new MMO… wait, it was based on a book series written in the 1950’s? Again, forgive my ignorance, but that is “old” influencing new. Oh wait, wait… the Conan MMO, that’s new too, right? Oh shit, that’s right, Richard E. Howard started writing those back in the late 60’s. Damn, there goes that theory.

Seriously folks, learn to enjoy the old. Read some of this excellent old stuff, written before you were born by people who may no longer be with us anymore. Because in the near future, another “new” thing is going to be just a reinvention of their “old” work. I’m thinking that “new” Shadowrun/FASA MMO is going to be so new… it’s 1980.

PS: Cuppy, more hatesauce… the world needs to get out the vitriol more often 🙂


~ by trollonfire on January 29, 2008.

One Response to “Why are people always hating on the old school?”

  1. One item of note to back up your theory even more, Howard actually wrote the Conan stuff in the early 1930’s he killed himself in 36

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