If Shatner was doing Star Trek II now, he’d be yelling “WWWWWWoooooooooooooWWWWW!!!!!!!!!”

I apologize for the lack of recent postage.  I have no excuse, I have no explanation, other than to say “I got hooked into WoW. Again.”

As Brenden always says, “Shift 8 Sigh Shift 8”

I didn’t expect for it to happen.  I started playing in our static group, and quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to stick with the unwritten rule of “you can’t touch the characters except for on game night”.  So, I made a druid, and just started playing…. and playing… and playing….

2.5 weeks later, I’m almost lvl 65, probably about to join a raiding guild (again), and playing pretty solidly every night.  Something I said many moons ago I wouldn’t do again.   To even try and describe how I’m feeling at the moment… Do you remember back in high school where you’d stay up all night writing that English Composition paper that was due, the one that if you didn’t pass in on time you’d be hearing the words “Senior Year, Part Deux”.  So you prepare your bag, make sure you’re all set to go.  You wake up late the next morning, freak out that you’ll be late for school grab everything in sight, haul ass to school, only to realize once you’ve gotten there that the paper was still sitting on your desk at home?  that moment of “Oh, fuck me!”… that’s what I’m feeling at the moment.

I don’t know why WoW gets its hooks into people as badly as it does… but it’s gotten me again. Damn my soul to Blizzard.  Oh wait, a warlock already has that. Fuck.

As a side note, Witty Ranter #3 is now up on VirginWorlds.  Go Listen!

And a HUGE  thank you to Coldheat for becoming a sponsor of Witty Ranter.  You sir, are the shiznit!

Expect more posts daily from now on.  Or Brent will kill a kitten every time I don’t post.


~ by trollonfire on February 26, 2008.

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