We need to rename PUG’s to FUG’s; let’s be honest, it’s what they are.

As I’ve been getting higher in level in WoW, I’ve been looking to do more instances.  One of the benefits of The Burning Crusade is that there were a ton of instances added, all with a very unique style, and fun content to run.  However, the guild I have joined is 99.9% 70’s, so they only want to run the harder, Heroic versions.  Which is fine, I’m not going to try and force them to help me, unless I really need it.  However, this means that I must now PUG all the instances, to get the gear and xp/faction boosts I need to continue when I hit 70.  And PUG’s are 10/90 hit/miss for me, for several reasons.

Firstly, every time I end up in one of these groups, people never seem to want to work together.  In the groups I’m in, I’m always the tank, being the feral druid.  Normally the tank marks the targets, because they’re the ones pulling.  In order to mark targets, you have to be the party leader, which brings up the next problem; some asshat is always like “Why do you have to be party leader? How do we know you’re not going to fuck us all over?”  Even though normally 1 person in these parties I’ve played with before can vouch that I run everything fair and square, some jerkoff has to be the Alpha male and create dominance over the rest of us “puny players”.  Once we get over that, then we get to the next problem, once we start running the instance: your party members’ failure to understand their roles.  Even when I tell the party “sheep the stars”, using the in-game marking system, people STILL manage to fuck that up.  I mean, the mage has (I’m hoping) been playing their class as long as I have, and yet when you ask them to do one simple thing, they look at you as if you’re asking them to do an Astrophysics dissertation on demand.  So when the party wipes, you end up being bitched at because you couldn’t hold aggro on 3 mobs, when in reality you should have just to keep 2 mobs busy.

Finally, when you get to killing bosses (if by some miracle it does happen), the greed monster almost always rears its ugly head.  Either in the middle of a battle the loot boxes start popping up because some fucking moron is so desperate to see what shit loot we’ve gotten, they loot during the fight, instead of killing things.  OR,  You get a boss dead, and something that’s usable by several people drops.  One person hits pass by accident.  So you ask everyone nicely to pass on it, and /random for it after the fact, and some idiot always hits need/greed, saying “Well you were stupid and didn’t roll on it when you had the chance, so I’m taking it”.  This makes me want to reach through the monitor and bitchslap people.  I spent the past hour helping 3 other people (not including myself) through this instance, and you think you’re more important than anyone else? Well guess what?  You’re the same as the rest of us, asswipe.  So that person goes on my written list of “people I will never group with again”, and the good people go on my “ok to PUG with” group.  You can guess which one is three times as big as the other.

So if you see me in a PUG, please have some patience with me… every time I get into a bad PUG, God kills a kitten .  Please don’t let Fluffy die.


~ by trollonfire on March 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “We need to rename PUG’s to FUG’s; let’s be honest, it’s what they are.”

  1. It’s just the nature of WoW… I had the same problems back when I played.

    Thankfully, WoW is the exception rather than the rule. I PUG 99% of the time if every game, and I’ve had exactly ONE semi-poor experience in other games.

  2. Agreed WOW seems to be the worst on this score. Even worse than Guild Wars. I agree with Talyn I very rarely experience that level of poor player cooperation in other games

  3. You’ve described every PUG in WoW I’ve ever been in. It was like this in pre-TBC Azeroth too, but much less so. At least folks working on their set pieces had to run Scholo, Strat and UBRS so often that they couldn’t help but soak up some basic group skills.

    I won’t PUG now. With the leveling acceleration and emphasis on BGs, arenas, etc., I can’t imagine how hideous it must be.

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